My name is Marilena Barbera and I am a biodynamic winegrower

I live and make my wines in Menfi, Sicily

I practice biodynamic agriculture and natural winemaking, and I am committed to being a witness and guardian of terroir, to preserving its integrity, to absorbing its strength and richness, trying to transfer its profound and fascinating spirit to my wines.

At the winery, I work only with spontaneous fermentations and non-invasive winemaking practices, in order to respect the unique personality of Sicilian native grape varieties.

Meet my Terroir!

A selection of 5 wines that reveal the deep bond between my vineyard and the place where they belong

  • 5 native VARIETIES
  • 5 different SOILS
  • 5 small CRUS
Discover the Terroir collection

New vintage!

I have just bottled the third vintage of Altrimenti, my orange wine produced with the traditional perpetual aging method in a single barrel. Only 300 bottles made. Do you want to give it a try?

Discover more wine collections

I make many wines, which are small pieces of a jigsaw puzzle that tells about Menfi and the wine culture of the places I love. I work with small vineyards, and with very low yields.
Each wine is produced in a limited number of bottles, based on the production of each vineyard.