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Azimut was my father's first wine.
Awaited and cherished like a dream that takes shape, which then becomes possible and finally comes true with passion and every day's work.

Azimut, from the Arabic word as-sumuth that means "the way". I chose this name because being farmers and winemakers is not just a job, but implies a profound and conscious commitment.

With Azimut I started experimenting with wild yeast in 2001: a peculiar choice in Sicily, when very few people knew about natural winemaking.


Harvest: 2017
Merlot, Vigne del Pozzo
Soil: deep dark alluvial soil made of clay banks that allow fresh groundwater to flow South from the upper part of the Belìce Valley
Vineyard: planted in 2004, vertical shoot positioning, spur pruned cordon
Winemaking: skin maceration for about 15 days in steel tanks, with regular pumping overs
Alcoholic fermentation: spontaneous, with wild yeast
Malolactic fermentation: spontaneous
Refining: minimum 1 year in large neutral Slavonian oak casks, and 1 more year in bottles
Average production: 3,500 bottles/year



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